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High - pressure cleaning machine cleaning with high - pressure hose selection

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High - pressure cleaning machine cleaning with high - pressure hose selection

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                                   High - pressure cleaning machine cleaning with high - pressure hose selection

Taiwan luxiong was founded in 1982. In 2000, he cooperated with Taiwan bureau of economy and industry to develop products and set up a subsidiary company in taizhou, zhejiang province in the same year.

Luxiong company mainly produces and sells high - pressure mist machines, high - pressure cleaning machines, high - pressure plunger pumps. As a pioneer in disease and pest control and three-cylinder plunger pump industry, we have been working hard to optimize and research and develop products. We have been honored as a high-tech enterprise with high salary in the province, a high-tech enterprise with high salary in the city and an excellent enterprise in the city

The cleaning principle of high pressure cleaning machine is very simple, that is, high pressure water is produced by high pressure pump or supercharger, and reaches the nozzle through high pressure pipeline. The water with high pressure and low velocity is converted into low pressure and high velocity jet through high pressure nozzle. Then use the strong impact of high pressure water jet to shock the cleaning object, remove dirt, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Because the high pressure water jet of the high pressure cleaning machine has the effect of scouring, wedge splitting, cutting, grinding and other composite crushing, it can immediately break down the scaling substance and wash away, so as to separate the scale layer and pipe wall. Compared with the traditional cleaning method, the cleaning speed is much faster, and with the cooperation of cleaning hydraulic support, the objectives of good cleaning quality, low cleaning cost, high efficiency, no pollution to the environment, high security and wide application range can be achieved.

In the high pressure cleaning machine, besides the importance of cleaning the hydraulic support, the high pressure hose used by the machine should also be paid attention to. If used and maintained properly, it can be used for a relatively long time to save and reduce costs

For the high-pressure hose used in the high-pressure cleaning machine, its inner diameter must match the required diameter of the high-pressure pump. If the inner diameter of the selected hose is not matched with the specified diameter of the high-pressure pump, it will affect the normal use and damage the high-pressure hose too early.

Moreover, when selecting the high-pressure pipe, it should be determined according to the technical parameters of the high-pressure pump, and according to its parameter requirements, it should choose the rubber hose with matching pressure. It should not use the operation method that exceeds its actual pressure, otherwise, it will affect the normal service life of the high-pressure hose. The product that can bear high pressure appropriately can be chosen additionally, extend its service life more easily so.

In addition, it is necessary to use, maintain and maintain the high pressure hose of the high pressure cleaning machine in strict accordance with relevant rules. When the high-pressure cleaning equipment is working, the rubber hose cannot be twisted by hand. If it is necessary for the construction, the bending radius should not be too small, nor should the Angle be too small.

During the operation of the high pressure pump machine, it is not allowed to turn on and off the high pressure injection device repeatedly, so as to minimize the impact damage caused by the frequent operation of sudden opening and sudden closing. When the ultra-high pressure hose is not in use for a long time and does not work, the water in the hose should be drained away. After winding the hose into a coil according to the specified size, the hose should be placed horizontally.

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