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​Pipeline cleaning equipment of high pressure cleaning machine due to bad phenomena such as insulation cracks

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​Pipeline cleaning equipment of high pressure cleaning machine due to bad phenomena such as insulation cracks

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Pipeline cleaning equipment of high pressure cleaning machine due to bad phenomena such as insulation cracks

Taiwan luxiong was founded in 1982. In 2000, he cooperated with Taiwan bureau of economy and industry to develop products and set up a subsidiary company in taizhou, zhejiang province in the same year.

Luxiong company mainly produces and sells high - pressure mist machines, high - pressure cleaning machines, high - pressure plunger pumps. As a pioneer in disease and pest control and three-cylinder plunger pump industry, we have been working hard to optimize and research and develop products. We have been honored as a high-tech enterprise with high salary in the province, a high-tech enterprise with high salary in the city and an excellent enterprise in the city

In addition, the environment is errant, 1. The motor itself is not well sealed. Make the motor enter water or enter other corrosive liquid or gas, the insulation of the motor winding is corroded, * severe parts or insulation * thin spots occur a bit ground to ground, phase to phase short circuit or turn to short circuit, resulting in the partial burn of the motor winding.

For example, a small amount of 704 sealant is applied to each flange. Make sure every part of the electric machine is properly sealed during troubleshooting. Apply grease to the bolts and, if necessary, add a drip proof box to the junction box and other places. For example, if the motor leaks out, it should be used as a protective cover where the liquid and dirt are easy to enter. As for the motor running in this environment, it should shorten the minor repair and intermediate repair cycle, and timely carry out the intermediate repair when serious.

Axis bending and other reasons caused by the fixed, rotor friction (commonly known as the scavenging of the chamber) caused a sharp rise in iron core temperature, 2. The bearing is damaged. Burn down the groove insulation, turn between insulation, from the surface caused by winding turns between short circuit or serious "fire" on the ground will cause stator core chute, dislocation, shaft wear, end cover scrap. Bearing damage generally is caused by the following reasons: (1) bearing assembly, such as cold pack uneven tap on a bearing inner ring by the wear, the shaft bearing inner ring and bearing with the losing amount of interference or interference quantity is small, appear within laps phenomenon, loading the motor end cover knock leads to uneven when bearing housing and bearing outer ring with lax running outer ring. Both the inner ring and outer ring of running will cause the temperature rise of the bearing running sharply and burn down, especially the failure of inner ring of running will cause serious wear and bending of the shaft. However, in general, the intermittent outer ring will not cause a sharp rise in the bearing temperature. As long as the bearing is in good condition, the phenomenon of intermittent outer ring running is permitted. For example, the small rigid material in the bearing holder has not been cleaned completely, and the damage to the bearing raceway during operation causes the bearing to burn down due to excessive temperature rise. When the bearing is replaced and processed again, large overgain or excessive ellipticity of the motor end cover after nesting leads to small or uneven ball clearance of the bearing, resulting in an increase in friction force during bearing operation and a sharp rise in temperature until it burns down. Due to the axial dislocation of the rotor core of the fixed and pipeline cleaning equipment or the lack of precision after the reprocessing of the rotating shaft machine, the inner and outer ring of the bearing are not on a cutting surface, which causes the temperature to rise and burn down after the operation of the bearing. As the running temperature of the motor is too high and the bearing is not replenished and greased timely, the bearing is short of oil or even burnt down. Bearing damage caused by mixing different types of grease. The tool bearing itself has manufacturing quality problems, such as raceway rust spot, inflexible rotation, deformation of the holder, etc. Less than half a year ago, the machine did not run, the grease degenerates, the bearing rusts and has not been repaired.

Generally to bearing heated to 80 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, the corresponding countermeasures: (1) when uninstalling bearing. If the bearing heater is used, the pipeline cleaning equipment will make the winding appear the turn-to-turn loose transformer oil boiling, etc. Only in this way can the quality of bearing assembly be guaranteed. The bearings of these devices must be carefully and carefully cleaned before filling. No impurities should be left in the bearing chamber. Torque prevents as much as possible unnecessary spindle machining and motor end cover nesting. In assembling the motor, it is necessary to ensure that the fixed and rotor iron core pair is in the middle, without any dislocation. The outer shell of the motor is clean and natural, and ventilation must be ensured. The cooling device should not be fouled and the air blade should be kept intact. Mixed use of multiple lubricating grease is prohibited. The bearing should be inspected thoroughly and carefully before bearing. For motors that are temporarily unnecessary, it is necessary to conduct necessary disassembly inspection and update bearing grease before use.

Causes partial burn of winding. 3. Friction with end cover or other accessories due to long end or partial damage of winding.

Winding insulation aging acceleration, 4. Due to long overload or overheat operation. The partial burn-down of the winding is caused by short circuit between turns, short circuit between phases or short circuit to the ground caused by carbonization of the insulation * thin point.

Dynamic balance test of motor rotor is necessary. Corresponding countermeasures: the high - pressure piston pump as far as possible to prevent overload operation. Potassium guarantees that the high-pressure plunger pump is clean and well ventilated. Torque prevents high - pressure piston pumps from starting frequently.

Drag the device vibration, 5. The insulation of motor winding is subject to mechanical vibration (such as large current impact at startup). The effect of the rotor imbalance of the motor causes the winding to be loosened between turns, insulation cracks and other adverse phenomena. The damage effect is accumulated from time to time.

Especially high voltage motors. The vibration value of the dragged device and motor is guaranteed to be within the specified range. Countermeasures: we try to prevent frequent startup as much as possible.

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