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Describes the characteristics of high pressure cleaning pump cleaning technology

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Describes the characteristics of high pressure cleaning pump cleaning technology

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Describes the characteristics of high pressure cleaning pump cleaning technology

Taiwan luxiong was founded in 1982. In 2000, he cooperated with Taiwan bureau of economy and industry to develop products and set up a subsidiary company in taizhou, zhejiang province in the same year.

Luxiong company mainly produces and sells high - pressure mist machines, high - pressure cleaning machines, high - pressure plunger pumps. As a pioneer in disease and pest control and three-cylinder plunger pump industry, we have been working hard to optimize and research and develop products. We have been honored as a high-tech enterprise with high salary in the province, a high-tech enterprise with high salary in the city and an excellent enterprise in the city

High pressure cleaning pump is a kind of high efficient high pressure cleaning pump, the energy conservation cleaning equipment, used in the field of chemical plants, thermal power plant, sugar mill, paper mill hot communication device or reaction kettle and a variety of pipe engine-grease, can also be used for casting deoxidization, vehicles, aircraft, ships, clean the slaughterhouse, through equipment accessories and can make water sand blasting, thus inhibiting the high pressure cleaning pump gas spray noisy of environment pollution, affect the health and so on shortcomings, invented the conditions to do well the environmental protection work.

Advantages of high pressure cleaning pump cleaning skills:

(1) good cleaning quality

When high-pressure water jet is used to clean the inner hole of the pipe and the heat communicator, it can remove all the fouling and blockage in the pipe, which can be seen to the metal body. A high pressure water jet with a large amount of energy and moving at supersonic speeds, intact can destroy hard fouling and plugging, but has no effect on metals. Because the pressure of high pressure water is less than that of metal or reinforced concrete, high pressure water jet cleaning will not damage the cleaned substrate.

(2) fast cleaning speed

Because of the combined crushing effect of water jet, such as scouring, wedge splitting, cutting, grinding, etc., the scaling substance can be broken and withered rapidly, and the cleaning speed is several times to ten times faster than that of traditional chemical method, sand blasting method, simple machinery method and craft method. Together, high pressure water jet after cleaning components, no need to stop the secondary clean disposal; After chemical cleaning, it is necessary to wash the chemical agents off the surface with water.

(3) no environmental pollution

Because high-pressure water jet cleaning is based on clear water as the medium, water jet cleaning is not like sandblasting and brief mechanical cleaning, which produces a lot of dust, pollutes the atmosphere and damages human health. And unlike some chemical cleaning, there is a lot of waste water that pollutes rivers, soil and water. Take clear water as medium water jet, without odour, tasteless, avirulent, the jet stream that spurts out atomizes, still can drop the air dust concentration of the working area, descend to the safety standard of national rules below, won't constitute any pollution accordingly. In addition, the recovery of high pressure water jet cleaning fluid is relatively simple in skill.

(4) wide application scope

High pressure water jet cleaning can clean the parts with disordered appearance and structure, and can stop cleaning under the condition of narrow and disorderly space and poor operating environment. There is no special request for the material, characteristics, appearance and scale species of the equipment.

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