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The three parts of high pressure cleaning machine cannot be ignored

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The three parts of high pressure cleaning machine cannot be ignored

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The three parts of high pressure cleaning machine cannot be ignored

Taiwan luxiong was founded in 1982. In 2000, he cooperated with Taiwan bureau of economy and industry to develop products and set up a subsidiary company in taizhou, zhejiang province in the same year.

Luxiong company mainly produces and sells high - pressure mist machines, high - pressure cleaning machines, high - pressure plunger pumps. As a pioneer in disease and pest control and three-cylinder plunger pump industry, we have been working hard to optimize and research and develop products. We have been honored as a high-tech enterprise with high salary in the province, a high-tech enterprise with high salary in the city and an excellent enterprise in the city

The first link: the science chooses the product that suits oneself need is a foundation. Whether we are enterprises or individuals, when purchasing high-pressure cleaning machines, we should choose the most suitable equipment according to our own financial budget. We should not blindly pursue high standards or blindly covet low prices. Put your own needs first. Want to investigate above all understand the market high pressure cleaning machine, undertake comparison. For example, in the high pressure cleaning machine series, there are models using cold water, models using hot water, models driven by electric motors, models driven by gasoline engines, and models driven by diesel engines. We should choose the one that is most suitable for our own use. There is no need to buy hot water equipment if it is not for cleaning oily objects, because this equipment adds a component of the heating system, the hot water boiler, you will not use it for a long time, it will age and rust, which is a waste of money and is not good for maintaining the good performance of the equipment. So, choose and buy cold water type cleaning machine is ok. According to the nature and characteristics of the target to be cleaned, the proper pressure parameters of the high-pressure pump should be selected. If the rated pressure is 50 mpa, the rated pressure should not be selected for 30 mpa. Only scientific selection of the most suitable for their own use of high - pressure cleaning machine, is to maintain its good performance of the foundation.

The second part: correct operation and use can prevent failure, keep good performance for a long time, and play the maximum role of the equipment. As you know, the high-pressure pump has two parameters: maximum pressure and rated pressure. When we use it, we should normally operate under rated pressure. It is not recommended to operate under maximum pressure. Don't run for more than 30 minutes, even if you have to work under maximum pressure. This is conducive to maintaining the good performance of the cleaning machine. Operate in accordance with the operating procedures and matters needing attention listed in the product manual, not violating the prescribed order, and monitor the data displayed on the instrument at any time during operation and use, such as pressure gauge, oil gauge, etc., to keep operating within the specified parameters.

The third link: careful maintenance is to maintain the good performance of equipment and extend the service life of the guarantee. Maintenance is divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance. The daily maintenance includes: check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient before starting up, check whether the connecting parts are closely connected, and check whether the filter screen is clean. After the high-pressure cleaning task is completed, the residual water in the machine equipment shall be discharged, the machine shall be cleaned, the inlet and outlet pipes shall be collected, and the equipment shall be placed in a ventilated and dry place. The high-pressure cleaning machine should also be maintained regularly and the oil should be replaced regularly. Usually, after 200 hours of operation, the new oil should be replaced to prevent the old oil from being badly lubricated and worn. Check whether the sealing ring is aging regularly, replace the new sealing ring timely, and keep good sealing of the equipment.

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