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LS-920ES Knapsack power sprayer

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LS-920ES Knapsack power sprayer

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1. Stainless Steel of Plunger plated by hard Chrome that prolongs Pumps life more

3. pre-compression v-seal that is compact and wear-resisting

4. SUS#304 connecting Pipe that is easy disassembly while doing maintenance

5.SUS 304 Valve Assembly that is Chemical resistant

6.Taiwan made Engine with Japan Walbro Caburetor and Ikeda Electric lgnition Systems that make Engine performance same as Japanese Engines

7. Quickly cleaning Valve Assembly plug design, no need of special tools for cleaning the

Valve assembly

8.EVA back cushion that provides comforts

9.Shake proof plug used for anti-vibration during operation

10.For Gardening, Horticulture, Agricultural applications etc

LS-920ES Knapsack power sprayer

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